Online Poker information for new players (Part 1)

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In the past, you had to go to conventional casinos or small random parties to play poker. Today, the advent in technology has made it possible for poker players from all around the world to participate online. 

You don’t need to go to the casinos to play this wonderful card game. Online poker casinos are the perfect place to fulfill the need for online gaming on tablets, smartphones…

The History of Poker Online 

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Poker has been a game in bars and traditional casinos for many years

All changed in the early 2000’s with the advent of online poker casinos. 

Yet people only began paying more attention to online poker in 2003. That’s why Chris Moneymaker, an accountant and amateur poker player, won the World Poker Tournament (WSOP) in a tournament. Online poker with an initial ticket price of just USD 40. He finally won the world championship and won USD 2.5 million. Not long after that, poker matches started to be recorded on popular sports networks. Online poker joined the boom as more and more players turned to online poker casinos. 

Today, online poker is not only popular, but is also seen as a professional money in many Western countries. A lot of people left dull office work to become professional poker players.

Online Poker Benefits 

It’s the same playing poker between individuals, but playing online poker has many advantages over playing live poker. 

Online poker has a very significant number of players. Hundreds of thousands of players will be online at the same time in the biggest online poker rooms. You’re not going to see this in real-life casinos.

Online poker has little time or territorial obstacles. With just a device or smartphone linked to the network, you can play online from anywhere at any time. 

With online poker, you can play at home easily without having to go anywhere. The reality is there’s nowhere as relaxed as being at home!