Online Poker information for new players (Part 2)

images 2 - Online Poker information for new players (Part 2)

Online poker is saving money. Compared to conventional real-life casinos, online poker casinos cut a lot of costs (premises, staff…) because the house (rake) is much smaller. 

images 3 - Online Poker information for new players (Part 2)

You don’t risk tips for workers, either

You can start playing poker online for as little as $10, which is hard to find at conventional casinos. 

Online poker is saving more time. Online games are occurring quicker, since any stage of dealing, counting, matching cards… They’re just automated. You don’t have to wait long and play more hands in the same amount of time as you do in real life. 

Online poker casinos have micro limit bets, perfect for those learning to play poker.

Online poker has a lot of tournaments going on every day, many of which are really tall. 

Online poker is healthy and it’s decent. Don’t worry about keeping your money, online poker casinos will keep your money safe and protect your identification and transactions. The random dealer system and anti-cheat technology ensure a safe, fair poker academy.

Conditions for playing online poker 

Over 18 years. 

Have international credit cards and bank accounts for deposit and withdrawal transactions; (all can be done for free and fast at all major banks). 

There is network equipment in place (computers, laptops, smartphones …).

Steps to launch poker online 

Sign up for an account at one of the leading online poker casinos

Next, you need to select an online casino, download a software program and open an account. 

Sign up with an e-wallet and upload an e-wallet

You need to use an e-wallet to deposit and withdraw money while you play online poker. After only 1 note, you can sign up for a free account at one of the two most popular e-wallet services today, Skrill and Neteller. 

Deposit your account for poker

When you have the money in your e-wallet, log in to your poker account and start to top it up. The balance of the poker account will be changed directly after the effective transaction. 

Play online poker

You can start real money poker as soon as you have the money in your account. Online poker casinos offer two primary styles of play: cash/ring and tournament (Tournament/SNG). 


Money in the e-wallet can then be withdrawn to a bank account (2-3 days) or more easily sold directly to an exchanger.